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  • Size – Universal
  • Shield Color – Clear
  • Headgear Color – White with Black Foam
  • Material – Polycarbonate
  • Headgear Foam Material – Polyurethane Foam
  • Headgear Strap Material – Terylene and Rubber
  • Shield Dimensions – 11.89" x 8.46"
  • Foam Thickness – 1 cm
  • Sold as 1 Headband/5 Face Shields or as 20 Replacement Shields

Multiple Options

  • Depths - 14" or 22"
  • Color - Clear
  • Material - Acrylic
  • Dimensions - 24" H x 30" W
  • Sold Individually

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When you need total facial splash protection, choose the Coverall® Face Shield. Wraparound design provides the wearer with great peripheral vision while acting as a protective shield against non-hazardous liquid splash and light particles in a Lab or controlled environment. Not ANSI Z87-rated for eye protection. The lightweight shield can be comfortably worn for long periods and fits easily over prescription glasses or protective eyewear. A double-sided, anti-fog coating reduces the possibility of fogging in high-humidity environments. For safe working conditions, Face Shield is low distorting and 100% optically clear while a soft polyurethane foam headband securely positions the device on the wearer. 

  • Clear
  • 1/2 Face Shield
  • Universal Size
  • Adjustable Hook-and-Loop Strap
  • Sold as 25 Box/100 Case

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High strength, translucent poly crown with adjustable ratchet suspension. Clear Acetate window for chemical protection. Changes with swivel-locking attachment. Can be worn with goggles or respirator.

Headgear and window are sold separately. Window is 7.5 x 15.5".

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Coverall Face Shields are designed for total facial splash protection. The 7mil shield is lightweight and can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. It can easily fit over glasses. Foam headband fits snugly against the forehead. Double-sided anti-fog treatment virtually eliminates fogging. Optically clear with full peripheral vision. Available in full face and half face styles, with a comfortable latex-free headband. All face shields are individually bagged. 100 per case.

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The Tuffmaster® Headgear and Face Shield feature a patented Easy-Change Window system that allows for windows to be replaced quickly and easily without the hassles of snaps, caps, or bands. Crown protection is made of new high-performance thermoplastic for excellent impact resistance.

H4 Economy Headgear - High-density polyethylene suspension has adjustable pinlock and five-position comfort crown support. Adjusts from 6-1/2" to 8" in 1/8" increments.H8A Deluxe Ratchet Headgear - Headgear has precision ratchet head size adjustment and five-position pinlock crown strap which allows a snug fit. Floating window suspension distributes weight and reduces shock of impact. Good protection in high heat applications. Can be used in ambient air temperatures up to 300°F. ChooseHeadgear with Chin Protector for added protection.

A variety ofFace Shields are sold seperately. They protect against splash, spray and light impact.W96 is clear propionate and provides general-purpose impact protection.WP96 is a heavy-duty clear polycarbonate. Also choose from Safety Propionate or Safety PETG Windows. Size of face shields: 9 x 14.5 x .080".

Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards. Made in the USA.

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# BH-S1

  • Size - Universal
  • Color - Clear
  • Material - Co-Polyester
  • Dimensions - 9" x 13"
  • Padding - 1" Foam
  • Elastic Head Strap Allows for Easy On and Off
  • Can be Worn with or Without Goggles/Glasses
  • 80/Case

# S8500HW

Providing secondary protection against chemical splash, impact, and airborne fragments, these face shields are ergonomic and comfortable for long-term wear. They also provide excellent optics and increased visibility, and can be worn with most goggles and respirators. Shields are made of polycarbonate and attach securely, while ratchet headgear insures a proper fit. Clear face shield with black matte shell.

# 64005116

Radnor 64005116 Welding Helmet Cover

# 3002832

Kimberly Clark 3002832 Face Shield 34-60 PC, Clear

# 3002810

Jackson 3002810 34-65 IR/UV 5.0 Welding Shield

# 2090610


# 2090021


# 10179

Kimberly Clark 101079 MonoShield Faceshield Monogoggles, Clear


  • Fully adjustable elastic band.
  • Fits over prescription glasses.
  • Lens is coated to prevent fogging.
  • Soft vinyl goggle body conforms to facial contours.
  • Goggle provides protection against dust and chemical splash.
  • Removable vent caps allow the user to remove when more ventilation is required or leave in place for unsurpassed chemical splash resistance.
  • Goggle incorporated with removable shield provides full face protection 4 ventilation holes provide appropriate airflow.
  • Ratchet shield allows user to open or close in 3 positions for adjustment.
  • Passes Ballistic MIL-PRF-32432 High Velocity Impact standards.
  • Polycarbonate shield conforms to the face offering increased impact and dust protection.
  • Passes D3: Droplet and Splash Test.
  • Passes D4: Dust Test. 

# GC504TN

Capstone Goggle Direct/Indirect Chemical green frame/Clear AF len w/neoprene stra

# H30-105

PC Faceshield Only, .040" Thick, 8" x 15 ", Clear, Ea, Aluminium Bound

# H30-103A

PETG Face Shield, Aluminium Bound 8x15 Clear

# 17-310

Face Protection System

Maximum face protection for hospitals, Dental Offices, Labs and EMT Use

  • Anti Fog
  • Optically Clear
  • Lightweight and Comfortable with Soft Strap
  • Latex Free
  • 13" Impenetrable Foam Barrier for Wide Coverage
  • Disposable