Chemical Resistant Disposable Neoprene Gloves

Does your facility stock 3-4 different types of gloves from different materials just to cover your basic PPE requirements?

You need nitrile to protect your workforce against strong chemicals, and latex for those closed-hand applications with tools. Maybe vinyl as an additional option to accommodate latex allergy or other material sensitivity, and gloves with texture grip specifically for wet and slippery tasks.

Consider switching to neoprene.

Simplify your procurement and inventory with our curated selection of disposable neoprene gloves. Our range includes all sizes from leading brands like Ansell Neopro and Neogard, with enhanced grip and superior chemical resistance.

Simplify procurement and inventory with neoprene gloves

Neoprene gloves resist chemical splashes, offer a reliable grip in wet conditions, and maintain flexibility across various temperatures. Neoprene gloves are also more comfortable than nitrile, providing better user ergonomics in closed-hand tasks.

Allergy Safe

Neoprene gloves are latex-free, protecting workers from Type 1 (latex) allergies

Broad Chemical Resistance

Neoprene gloves are highly resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, including oils, acids, and alcohols, making them suitable for rigorous industrial applications

Tactile Sensitivity

Neoprene gloves offer better flexibility and comfort than standard nitrile gloves, which is crucial for tasks requiring precise movements and extended wear

Disposable neoprene gloves eliminate the need to stock multiple glove types for different tasks, making it easier to manage your PPE supply while ensuring safety across all activities.

Not what you’re looking for? Contact our sales team to find the gloves you need.

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The Pulse® CR Aqua Chloroprene Series 194 Exam Gloves from Innovative Healthcare Corporation are made from non-latex, polychloroprene synthetic polymer.  These medical gloves offer all the benefits of natural rubber latex with none of the allergen problems associated with latex.  These chloroprene gloves are incredibly soft, unbelievably elastic and yet still amazingly strong.  The textured finish provides excellent wet or dry gripping ability.

  • Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
  • 200 Gloves/Box, 10 Boxes/Case
  • Non-Sterile
  • Powder-Free
  • Non-Latex
  • Low modulus for a softer and more comfortable fit
  • Textured finish for improved wet-dry grip
  • Color: Aqua
  • Length: 9.5 in.
  • Average Palm Thickness: 2.8 mil
  • Average Finger Thickness: 3.5 mil
  • Manufactured in compliance with multiple international standards including: ASTM D6977, ASTM D5151, ASTM F1671

Multiple Options

Microflex® NeoPro® is a premium, neoprene glove offering exceptional grip, even in wet environments like laboratories. An interior polymer coating allows for easy donning.

  • Sizes - X-Small - X-Large
  • Color - Green
  • Material - Neoprene
  • Thickness - 6.7 Mil
  • Length - 9.5"
  • Finish - Textured Fingers
  • Exam Grade
  • Powder Free
  • Latex Free
  • Sold as 1,000/Case

Multiple Options

With its durable design and Neoprene formulation, Microflex® NeoPro® EC offers exceptional protection for high risk environments.  The glove provides excellent protection against chemical splashes and has textured fingers for outstanding grip in both wet and dry environments. 

  • Sizes - Small - 2X-Large
  • Color - Green
  • Material - Neoprene
  • Thickness - 8.3 Mil
  • Length - 12"
  • Finish - Textured Fingers
  • Exam Grade
  • Powder Free
  • Latex Free
  • Sold as 500/Case

Multiple Options

Ergonomically certified to reduce hand fatigue, Microflex® Neogard® is a neoprene glove with a "grippy" textured outer finish to provide excellent grip in wet and dry environments.

  • Sizes - Small - X-Large
  • Color - Green
  • Material - Neoprene
  • Thickness - 5.1 Mil
  • Length - 9.5"
  • Finish - Textured Fingers
  • Exam Grade
  • Powder Free
  • Latex Free
  • Sold as 1,000/Case

Why order neoprene gloves from LabSource?

Fast shipment and bulk pricing on our curated selection of industry-specific neoprene gloves and get the best customer experience.

Expert Product Recommendations: We’ve been providing gloves tailored for the health and medical sectors, law enforcement and correctional facilities, sanitation, laboratories, and manufacturing plants for over 40 years. By actively listening to your feedback about end-user experiences and staying informed about your specific industry regulations and standards, we ensure our product recommendations are both timely and precisely suited to your organization's needs.

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Neoprene gloves with textured fingertips for wet and dry tasks

Neoprene glove provides protection from Type I latex allergy in HCW's or patients. We recommend gloves with neoprene gloves with textured fingertips for better grip performance under both wet and dry conditions, especially for:

  • Animal care feeding and cleanup
  • Plant disinfection and sanitization
  • Raw material sample collection
  • Standard, moderate-risk medical examination procedures
  • Maintaining lab furniture and equipment
  • Spill or leakage cleanup
  • Transferring liquids and solids
  • Assembly of parts
  • Sample taking and processing
  • Administering drugs
  • Damp donning

Neoprene gloves are suitable for complex tasks that involve handling hazardous materials or prolonged use in demanding conditions. Their resilience against degradation from weathering, ozone, and sunlight also makes them durable for outdoor use.

Allergy-free, flexible, and comfortable neoprene gloves

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber also known as polychloroprene. This material was originally developed as an oil-resistant substitute for natural rubber. Neoprene is produced through the polymerization of chloroprene, resulting in a flexible, durable, and chemically resistant rubber.

Neoprene is valued for its stability and maintains its flexibility over a wide temperature range. It's also resistant to degradation from the sun, ozone, and weather, as well as from a variety of chemicals including oils, solvents, and acids. This combination of properties makes neoprene an ideal material for protective gloves in chemical handling, cleaning, and certain industrial applications.

Neoprene gloves are made without natural rubber proteins and powder to help protect workers from Type 1 (latex) allergies.

What size neoprene glove do I need?

It’s essential to choose gloves that fit well to maintain dexterity and comfort. Our customer service team is here to help you select the right size, ensuring your gloves are neither too tight nor too loose.

Glove Sizes

Wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your dominant hand, just below the knuckle and excluding your thumb

We offer a wide range of sizes, from XS all the way up to XXXL.

  • 5.5-6 inches (14-15.2 cm) = Extra Small
  • 6.5-7 inches (16.5-17.8 cm) = Small
  • 7.5-8 inches (19.1-20.3 cm) = Medium
  • 8.5-9 inches (21.6-22.9 cm) = Large
  • 9.5-10 inches (24.1-25.4 cm) = Extra Large
  • 10.5-11 inches (26.7-27.9 cm) = Double Extra Large

Cuff Length

Cuff length is measured from the tip of the middle finger to the cuff’s end.

  • Standard Cuff is 9-9.5” (22.9-24.1 cm). Long cuff is 11-12” (27.9-30.5 cm).

Neoprene gloves compared to other glove materials

Neoprene vs. Nitrile Gloves

Neoprene gloves perform better with acids, alcohols, and some oils, whereas nitrile is more resistant to petroleum-based products.

Neoprene gloves generally offer better flexibility and comfort than standard nitrile gloves, which can be more rigid. This makes neoprene ideal for tasks requiring manual dexterity.

Neoprene vs. Vinyl Gloves

Neoprene gloves significantly outperform vinyl gloves in terms of chemical resistance and durability and protection against punctures and tears.

Neoprene vs. Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are known for their superior comfort and fit but neoprene also offers good dexterity and is comfortable for extended use, making it a solid alternative for those who need both comfort and enhanced chemical protection.

Contact our customer care team or read our glove selection guide for more information on glove materials, grades, and thickness definitions to find the barrier protection that is right for your applications.

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