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Browse our extensive range of high-quality disposable aprons designed to meet the diverse needs of food processing, laboratories, veterinarian , food services, cleaning and sanitation services, and more.

Our curated collection includes die cut, bib style, draw string, and coverall in various materials, including:

Polyethylene disposable apron

Vinyl/PVC disposable apron

VR- Vinyl replacement

Microporous disposable apron

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Multiple Options

  • Die-Cut Vinyl
  • Thickness: 6-Mil
  • White or Blue
  • 12 Aprons/Bag, 6 Bags/Case

Multiple Options

  • Economical and lightweight one-piece comfort construction.
  • Eliminates separate ties to avoid contamination problems.
  • Ideal for critical and controlled environments.
  • Available in blue or white
  • 2 lengths available
  • Bulk packaged – 100/Case

Multiple Options

  • Sizes – 35” x 45”, 35” x 48” and 35” x 50”
  • Color – Blue
  • Material – Vinyl
  • Thickness – 6 Mil
  • Sold as 72/Case

Multiple Options

VR is an incredibly strong, recyclable material that offers superior puncture resistance and increased durability over typical vinyl aprons. The VR material lasts longer and is lighter weight, seamless, and has exceptional resistance to fats, oils and a broad range of chemicals.

  • Economical and lightweight one-piece comfort construction.
  • Eliminates separate ties to avoid contamination problems.
  • Ideal for critical and controlled environments.
  • Bulk packaging

Multiple Options

Reliable Protection

  • Wherever oil, grease and chemicals are present, Ansell aprons help workers keep clean and protected from harmful contact
  • Hycar aprons are a tough nitrile blend, ideal for grease and animal fats. They are also excellent in cold conditions

  • The Hycar construction is traditionally tougher and more cut, abrasion and puncture resistant than neoprene but is still flexible for the toughest jobs 
  • Coated poly/cotton reinforcement is easy to clean 
  • Sealed grommets allow for size adjustment without tear-out

    Comfort and Selection
  • Bib styles with adjustable ties ensure optimal fit for a wide range of users

Multiple Options

This lightweight but hard-wearing denim apron features a total of four pockets for seamless tool storage and access. It has a single, easy to reach chest-level pocket to hold the items you reach for most, plus three waist-level pockets for extra storage. A reinforced bar-tack increases its lifespan, and it is fully launderable for easy cleaning.

Multiple Options

WBP is a unique, space-age technology, cloth-like fabric that is amazingly comfortable to wear. Ideal for non-toxic liquids and spray hazards. Provides liquid-proof barrier protection with three layers of bacteria filtration. White Apron features convenient neck loop with self-material ties. Size: 28" x 36".

  • A microporous fabric that is suitable for many commercial applications
  • Applications are: asbestos abatement, general maintenance, food processing with chemicals, painting and pesticide spraying
  • White
  • 28 x 36”

Multiple Options

Bib style apron is made from 12 ounce natural cotton duck. It is coated with a water soluble flame-retardant treatment (treatment is removed when washed). Includes neck and waist ties. Measures 29"W x 42" L.

  • 42" Natural FR Duck Bib Apron
  • Made with 10 oz. natural FR cotton duck
  • 29" W x 42" L

Multiple Options

  • Vinyl Apron
  • 6 mil.
  • Detachable Tie Strings
  • Sewn Edges
  • Dimensions: 36"W x 48"L
  • One Size Fits Most
  • 100/Case

Multiple Options

Vinyl Alternative Die Cut Aprons

MVA is an economical alternative to vinyl and other limited use protective wear that offers impermeable protections. More durable than vinyl and other limited use protective clothing, MVA can be washed and re-used many times, making it a cost effective option. Made of a non-toxic material, MVA is a safe and reliable option for the food processing industry and meets all USDA regulations.

  • Blue and White
  • 35" x 55"
  • 4 Mil Thickness
  • Includes Grommets
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Sold as 100/Case

Multiple Options

  • Size – 28” x 46”
  • Colors – White and Blue
  • Material – Polyethylene
  • Thickness – 1 Mil
  • Sold as 1,000/Case

Multiple Options

These garments offer great protection from a wide range of chemicals, animal fats and potential exposure to grease.

  • Blue and Yellow
  • 35" x 48"
  • Sold as 48/Case

# CPA28

Defender™ Protective Clothing is constructed of tough, composite fabric that combines breathable Microporous Film and soft Non-Woven Polyolefin. Protects against: Aerosol Spray Paints, Oil & Grease, Lubricants, Fertilizer, Sewage, Dust & Dirt, Pesticides, Asbestos & Mold.

  • Color: White
  • Serged Seams
  • 28” x 46”
  • Bib Style
  • Bound Neck & Ties
  • One Size Fits Most
  • 25/Case

# USK-065

This Polypro Smock from PIP offers affordable, lightweight protection against non-hazardous dry particulates like dirt. Good for use in pharmaceuticals, medical, law enforcement and laboratory.

  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Pullover design
  • Designed specifically for the poultry industry
  • White - 50 per case
  • One time use product

# VEB-48

Vinyl Aprons are most commonly found in meat processing but can be used in many other applications as well

  • Die Cut
  • Blue
  • 35" x 48"
  • 6 Mil
  • Sold as 48/Case

# 6B51

  • 6 mil, Blue Vinyl Apron
  • Die Cut Edges
  • Dimensions: 36"W x 51"L
  • One Size Fits Most

# 1709100

Dupont Tyvek® 400 aprons are composed of flash spun high density polyethylene which creates a unique, nonwoven material available only from DuPont. Tyvek® 400 provides an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort of any limited use fabric technology. Tyvek® 400 fabric offers an inherent barrier against particles (down to 1.0 micron in size). Protection is built into the fabric itself; there are no films or laminates to abrade or wear away. Tyvek® 400 fabric's durability advantage over microporous film fabrics delivers consistently better barrier, even after wear and abrasion. Applications include: lead and asbestos abatement/remediation, general maintenance/operations, spray painting, general clean-up.

  • Provides enhanced frontal protection
  • Bound seams around neck
  • Ties at waist
  • One size fits most

# 1702049

Cordova Clear 8 mil Vinyl Apron with Tie Strings

These clear sewn edge vinyl aprons are 8 mil thick and measure 36" x 48". They are sold individually.

# 1706012

  • Size - 35" x 55"
  • Color - Yellow
  • Material - Urethane
  • Thickness - 6 Mil
  • Sold as 48/Case

# 1702029

  • Blue
  • 6 Mil
  • Vinyl
  • Hemmed
  • String Ties
  • 35 x 45”
  • Sold by the dozen

# PA2846

  • White
  • 1.25 Mil
  • Polyethylene
  • Embossed
  • Die-Cut
  • Universal Size

# 1703015-A

  • Wherever oil, grease and chemicals are present, Ansell aprons help workers keep clean and protected from harmful contact
  • PVC (Vinyl) aprons traditionally offer excellent protection where splashes from acids and caustic bases are a concern
  • The PVC construction is flexible yet offers resistance to abrasion and puncture
  • This apron version with stomach patch enhance protection in critical wear areas
  • Bib styles in two sizes with adjustable ties ensure optimal fit for a wide range of users
  • Sealed grommets with adjustable ties allow for size adjustment without tear-out
  • Green
  • 35 x 45"
  • 20 mil

# 1702048

  • Color: White
  • 6 Mil
  • 35" x 45"
  • Dozen

Disposable aprons for every application

LabSource provides a comprehensive selection of disposable aprons tailored to meet the specific demands of different industries. Whether you need robust protection in healthcare settings, hygienic solutions in food service, or reliable safety gear for laboratory work, our disposable aprons deliver unmatched quality and performance.

Polyethylene bib style aprons: Easy to use and disposable, these aprons are ideal for food service and light-duty applications. Also available in color-coded options for HACCP compliance.

Vinyl/PVC disposable aprons: Ideal for food processing, offering excellent protection against fluids and contaminants.

VR disposable aprons: Perfect for industrial cleaning and chemical handling, providing superior durability and resistance to chemicals.VR materials can also be re-used and sanitized.

Microporous disposable aprons: Designed for laboratories and pharmaceutical environments, offering protection against fine particles and fluids.

Die-cut style disposable aprons: Are the most economical aprons suitable for light duty protection.

Why are disposable aprons better than reusable aprons for your budget?

Choosing disposable aprons over reusable aprons offer several significant advantages across various industries.

Single-use for better contamination and infection control

Disposable aprons are designed for single-use, which means they are discarded after each use. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and ensures a consistently high level of hygiene.

In food processing environments, disposable aprons help minimize the spread of infectious agents, protecting both the wearer and the environment from potential contaminants.

Convenience of no cleaning, easy replacement

Disposable aprons save time and resources as they do not require washing, drying, or maintenance. This convenience makes them ideal for busy settings where time and efficiency are crucial.

With disposable aprons, your workers can quickly and easily replace them between tasks, ensuring that clean protective gear is always available when needed.

Cost-effectiveness with lower PPE cost and zero laundry expenses

Disposable aprons typically have a lower initial cost compared to reusable ones. For settings where aprons need to be frequently replaced, this can result in significant cost savings.

By using disposable aprons, businesses can avoid the ongoing costs associated with laundering reusable aprons, such as water, detergent, energy, and labor.

Consistency and reliability

Disposable aprons are manufactured to consistent quality standards, ensuring that each apron provides the same level of protection. There are no variations due to wear and tear, which can affect the performance of reusable aprons over time.

Each disposable apron is fresh and sanitary, right out of the package. This ensures that the protective qualities are not compromised by previous use or improper cleaning.

Wide range of options and sizes availability

Disposable aprons are available in various materials, such as vinyl/PVC, microporous, VR and polyethylene, each designed to meet specific needs and applications. This versatility makes it easy to find the right type of apron for any task.

We provide a wide range of high-quality disposable aprons to suit your specific needs, ensuring you can maintain the highest standards of safety and hygiene in your workplace.

Bulk orders on disposable aprons at LabSource

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LabSource offers bulk volume discounts, contract pricing, and scheduled delivery services to make sure that employees always have access to what they need to stay safe on the job — in the right size, weight, thickness, and combination — without overwhelming the stockroom.

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FDA and OSHA compliant disposable aprons

There are regulatory requirements and guidelines in various industries that mandate or recommend the use of disposable aprons to ensure hygiene, safety, and contamination control.

Food Industry

FDA Food Code: The FDA Food Code provides guidelines for food safety practices, including the use of disposable aprons to prevent cross-contamination between raw and cooked foods, and to maintain personal hygiene. Color coded aprons ensure HACCP compliance.

USDA Meat and Poultry Processing Regulations: USDA regulations for meat and poultry processing facilities often include the use of disposable aprons as part of the required PPE to prevent contamination and ensure sanitary processing conditions.

Who needs a steady supply of disposable aprons?

Food Industry

Food processing plant workers: Protect workers from spills and contamination in food production lines.

Scientists, lab technicians, and researchers: Protect researchers from spills, chemicals, and biological agents.

Animal facility workers and volunteers: Ensures good hygiene practices and prevents disease transmission while handling animals.

Dentists and dental hygienists: Prevent cross-contamination during dental procedures.

Restaurant chefs, cooks, and kitchen staff: Ensure hygiene and prevent contamination while preparing and serving food.

Catering services staff: Maintain cleanliness and hygiene during food preparation and serving at events.

Janitors and cleaning staff: Protect workers during cleaning tasks involving chemicals and hazardous materials.

Industrial cleaning workers and maintenance personnel: Protect workers in industrial environments dealing with heavy-duty cleaning and sanitation.

Hair stylists, beauty salons, and spa personnel: Maintain hygiene during beauty treatments and hairdressing services.

Veterinary, vet techs, and animal care workers: Protect staff during examinations and surgical procedures on animals.

Why order disposable aprons from LabSource?

First, you’ll get a great customer experience.

Then, you will save some PPE budget with our bulk pricing. Plus you get the assurance that your disposable apron order arrives fast with low cost logistics.

Expert Product Recommendations: We’ve been providing PPE tailored for the health and medical sectors, law enforcement and correctional facilities, sanitation, laboratories, and manufacturing plants for over 40 years. By actively listening to your feedback about end-user experiences and staying informed about your specific industry regulations and standards, we ensure our product recommendations are both timely and precisely suited to your organization's needs.

Quality Product at Lower Cost: We provide bulk contract pricing to ensure you access high-quality products at affordable rates. We carefully select our logistics partners to minimize shipping costs and guarantee that your orders arrive exactly when you need them.

Fast Shipping & Large Inventory: Our advanced warehouse management system ensures you receive the freshest PPE supplies with the longest expiry dates. This efficient system reduces your lead time and helps maintain the continuity of your operations without interruptions.

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