Disposable Clothing

Finding the best laboratory safety supplies is paramount to your business. At LabSource, we commit to helping our clients obtain the highest-quality safety products and equipment to keep their labs running smoothly. We offer disposable clothing and related products for pharmaceutical, life science, government, industrial, food safety and university laboratories. Disposable apparel is essential to keep your employees safe and to prevent contamination that could jeopardize your laboratory work.

Choose LabSource for Your Lab Needs

LabSource has been distributing excellent-quality laboratory equipment and supplies for more than 25 years. We distribute over 800,000 unique products from more than 3,500 manufacturers — including Fisher Scientific, VWR Scientific, GE Healthcare, Becton Dickinson, High Five Products, Kimble Glassware, Axygen Scientific, Nunc and others.

LabSource is unique among laboratory supply distributors for our extensive online inventory and streamlined purchasing process. We can source competitors’ part numbers, allowing you to complete all of your laboratory purchasing in a single order. This saves you time and money. Plus, you can mark your favorites on our website, making it fast and easy to order your most-used products each time.

We maintain an on-site warehouse that allows us to offer same-day shipping for our products. When ordering with LabSource, you know you will get your products fast.

Our Disposable Clothing Products

Disposable clothing serves multiple functions. Most important, our products keep workers safe from hazardous materials and toxins. At the same time, they can prevent samples from being contaminated — better ensuring the integrity of your scientific work.

There are many settings in which disposable apparel is preferable to re-usable versions. Often, simply washing gear won’t work. Disposable clothing can also provide greater flexibility and extra protection compared to re-usables. Best of all, LabSource’s disposable clothing products are available at competitive price points. That means you can dispose of used products without feeling guilt about the expense.

Some of our most popular disposable clothing products include:

  • Disposable gloves: Gloves are the bread and butter of the laboratory world. No matter what kind of disposable gloves you need, we have you covered.
  • Aprons and coveralls: Protective aprons and coveralls prevent spills or splashes from harming lab workers’ safety. LabSource carries protective aprons in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, colors and lengths. Look for material that is recyclable, durable and resists a range of chemicals.
  • Bouffant caps: Bouffant caps and beard covers offer protection from hair contamination, especially important for food safety labs.
  • Isolation gowns: Isolation gowns are a standard of lab safety apparel. Lightweight, breathable isolation gowns prevent contamination and safety hazards while keeping workers comfortable.
  • Shoe covers: Shoe covers must provide reliable protection while maintaining an inexpensive price point. We carry shoe covers with and without traction, with waterproof, lint-free and plastic-topped versions also available.
  • Face masks: From surgical face masks to procedure splash shields, LabSource offers a variety of face masks as part of our disposable apparel line. We also provide ventilators and other face protection for hazardous environments.

In addition to our disposable clothing, we offer other laboratory consumables. Getting a large volume of pipet tips, vials and tubes in a single order makes it easy for your lab to run smoothly. No matter the size and infrastructure of your laboratory, we can meet your needs for disposable clothing and other critical laboratory supplies.

Contact our purchasing specialists today to learn more about our array of disposable clothing products and to make your first order.