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Conical 15 mL centrifuge tubes are made of premium polypropylene for clarity and centrifugal strength. Tubes and caps may be frozen at temperatures as low as -86˚C. The maximum centrifugal force is 12,000xg. Caps have a flat top surface for easy marking and labeling. 

  • 15 mL
  • Rounded
  • Packaging - Individually Wrapped, Bagged or Racked
  • Material - Polypropylene
  • Sterile
  • Flat Screw Cap

# K11-160


# T85-306

Centrifuge Tube 15ml Polypropylene Conic al w/o Cap 250/bag 1000/cs

# T15-894

Centrifuge Tubes, 15ml, Sterile, PP, w/ Printed Grad., Bagged, 25/bag, 500/cs

# T15-800

15ml Black Centrifuge Tube 50/PK

# T15-321

Centrifuge Tube 15ml PP Non Sterile 500/ bag w/h Separate Caps 500/cs.

# T15-317

Tubes Centrifuge 15ml PP Non-Sterile w/ Printed Grad Screw Cap 50/rack 500/pk

# T15-316

Centrifuge Tubes, 15ml, Polypropylene, C onical, Non-Sterile, Bagged, 500/cs

# T15-118-A

Nunc Centrifuge Tube, PP, 15mL, 500/cs

# T15-101

Nunc 15mL EZ Flip Centrifuge Tube, Racke d, 50/Rack, 500/cs

# T15-100

Nunc 15mL EZ Flip Centrifuge Tube, Bulk, 50/sleeve, 500/cs

# T15-085

Centrifuge Tube 15ml Sterile PS Printed Graduations, 25/bg 500/cs

# T15-083

Tubes, Centrifuge, 15ml, Polystyr., Prin ted Grads., Sterile, 25/bag, 500/cs

# T15-075

Centrifuge Tube Screw Cap 15ml Sterile P olystyrene 50/RK Printed Grad. 500/cs

# T15-040

Centrifuge Tubes, 15ml, Polystyrene, w/o Cap, 1000/cs

# T15-402

TRUELINE Centrifuge Tube, 15ML, FT, PP, 12 50/CS

# T15-330

Centrifuge tube, 15ml PP sterile racked 25/rack, 20rk/cs

# T15-318

Tubes Centrifuge 15ml PP Non-Sterile w/ Printed Grad Screw Cap 500/cs

# T15-301

Centrifuge Tubes Sterile15ml w/grad & sc rew cap polyprop 10 racks of 50 500/cs

# K15-106

Centrifuge Tube, 15mL, 17x120mm, Sterile , PPN, BLU Cap, CON (V) BOT 50/rk 500/cs

# T15-892

Centrifuge Tubes 15ml Sterile PP Printe d Grad. 50/tray, 500/cs

# T15-331

Centrifuge tube, 15ml PP sterile bagged 25/bag, 20bg/cs

# T15-304

Centrifuge Tubes, 15ml, PP, w/Molded Gra ds., Sterile, w/Screw Cap, 25/bg, 500