LabSource supplies acid/base storage cabinets and cans for better organization of acids and corrosives in workrooms and laboratories. Keep aggressive acids such as nitric, sulphuric, and hydrochloric acids safe specially when not in use and avoid possib

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Store acids and corrosives safely and optimize your work area with these 100% polyethylene, nonmetallic Acid Storage Cabinets. They have a smooth finish for easy cleaning, integral handles with locking tabs, and drip edges to keep spills in the cabinet. Also include two 2 polyethylene vents with vent covers, and a large Acid Warning Label on each door.

The 4-Gallon bench-top cabinet has a single door and a one-gallon sump in the bottom. Measures 18W x 22H x 18D and weighs 35 lbs. The 22-Gallon under-counter cabinet is for storage of aggressive acids such as nitric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid, with two doors and a one-gallon sump in each bottom section. Work area on top has a one-gallon sump. Measures 35W x 36H x 22D and weighs 95 lbs.