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The wide range of speeds offered by the 16-Speed Blender makes it a versatile lab tool. High speeds easily mix heavy or especially hard materials. Medium speeds are used to soften animal or plant tissue. Low speeds gently mix slow dissolving materials into solution. Blender features a large 40-oz (118mL) glass pitcher with a plastic lid. The lid can also be used as a convenient 60mL mixing cup.

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This grinder has a serrated Teflon® pestle that disperses homogenate into the mortar cylinder more efficiently. These units are precisely constructed with completely interchangeable parts, allowing for easier replacement of parts so you don™t need to keep pieces matched during cleaning. Grinding chamber clearance is 0.004¯ to 0.006" (0.1 to 0.15mm). The unit can be autoclaved. Depth of the serrations is 0.020" to 0.025" (0.5 to 0.64mm). Diameter of the stainless steel shaft is 1/4" (6.3mm). Plastisol-coated grinders are also available (please call for pricing)

All sizes are supplied two per case.

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The Dounce Tissue Grinder is designed to retain a high percentage of cell nuclei and mitochondria in soft tissues or from cell cultures, and is very useful in enzyme studies. In operation, the pestle ball is encircled in liquid, which avoids heat buildup. The tube has a large reservoir and pouring lip and is supplied with a "loose" pestle and a "tight" pestle. The initial grinding is performed using the loose pestle. The grinding process is completed using the tight pestle. This grinder is used by moving the pestle up and down, and works best with cell suspensions or very soft tissue. Tight pestle specification: 0.001" to 0.003" (0.025 to 0.076mm). Loose pestle specification: 0.0035" to 0.0055" (0.089 to 0.14mm). The tissue grinders are made from Wheaton 33® low extractable borosilicate glass (meets ASTM Type I Class A and USP Type I standards). All sizes supplied two per case.

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This micro-size tissue grinder is best suited for delicate hand operation. Clearance between pestle and tube is 0.004" to 0.006" (0.1 to 0.15mm). Reservoir and pouring lip are incorporated into tube design. Entire unit is made from Wheaton 33® low extractable borosilicate glass (meets ASTM Type I Class A and USP Type I standards). Supplied two per case.

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These Tapered Tissue Grinders have an improved design which incorporates a longer tapered surface on both the mortar and pestle. The conical surface allows initial size reduction followed by passage through the cylindrical section for the final homogenization step. Grinding efficiency is improved, compared to the Tenbroeck and Potter-Elvehjem designs. When the pestle is bottomed within the mortar, the clearance is a uniform 0.004" to 0.006" (0.1 to 0.15mm). Available with either glass or Teflon® pestle. Both feature ground glass tube interiors.

TheGround Glass Pestle model is capable of homogenizing connective tissue including heart, muscle and lung. This unit can also be used for homogenizing skin and plant tissue. Choose the model with theTeflon® Pestle with 1/4¯-diameter (6.4mm) stainless steel rod when working with soft tissues such as brain or liver.

Either style is supplied one per case.

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In addition to a finely ground glass tube and pestle, this tissue grinder features a Teflon® spacer which aligns the pestle and reduces aerosoling of sample. Supplied in matched sets of two.

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While these Tenbroeck Tissue Grinders are designed for hand operation, they can be slow-speed motor-driven by inserting a rubber stopper (size 00) and metal rod into pestle. The hollow handle permits filling with ice water. This unit also features an expanded reservoir and pouring lip. The clearance between pestle and tube is 0.0035¯ to 0.0065¯ (0.09 to 0.16mm). Designed for tissues such as liver, intestines and heart. All sizes are supplied two per case.

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This disposable tissue grinding system incorporates a patented closed system that grinds the specimen in a sealed container, preventing any risk of contact with the sample. The narrow pestle design eliminates the problem of sample overflow common with other systems and the molded-in abrasive surface leaves no sediment to obstruct the sample during examination. The system arrives fully assembled and gamma sterilized. An extra cap and identification label are provided for sample storage or transport. The unique cap design prevents the unit from rolling when placed on the bench. The 35mL grinder is freestanding, allowing easier handling. All sizes are supplied in cases of 10.

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This tissue grinder system, with either 15 or 50mL capacity, is supplied in a sterile pouch. Tissue can be ground quickly due to fresh grinding surface every time. The specimen can be cooled during grinding, and the grinder tube doubles as a specimen container for transport and storage. A protective sleeve helps to contain any aerosolization created during grinding. Both sizes are supplied 10 per case.

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These colorful disposable polypropylene pestles and matching copolymer microtubes can be used to homogenize suspensions or resuspend precipitates such as protein or DNA pellets in buffer solutions. Pestles come in five different colors for easy coding reference. Precision manufacturing ensures pestles conform perfectly with tubes. Autoclavable.

Pestles: Bags of 10; 2 Each of 5 Colors.
Microtubes and Pestles: 10 Tubes and 10 Pestles per Bag; 2 Each of 5 Colors.

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40 mL Tube for Dounce Tissue Grinder

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Pestle PP 100/pk

A laboratory tissue grinder extracts proteins, DNA and RNA for certain lab procedures, including blotting and more. LabSource is your No. 1 destination for lab tissue grinders — whether you’re seeking a specific dounce tissue grinder, tapered tissue grinder, disposable tissue grinder, a laboratory blender or a variety of other products. In addition to supplying grinders and blenders, we offer a wide selection of accessories — including microtubes, pestles, glass beads and more — to ensure your lab is properly equipped. Not sure which product you need? Our knowledgeable staff is always available to assist in locating the exact product you’re seeking. Shop now and receive same-day shipping on many grinders, blenders and other LabSource products.