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Reusable Nichrome V and platinum (with 15% iridium for strength) inoculating loops and needles are available mounted in handles or without handles. Insulated brass handles are available separately. Calibrated loops are also available, and are guaranteed to hold the volume indicated, having been calibrated in accordance with A.S.M. and A.P.H.A. The calibrated loops are suitable for quantitative procedures, and manufactured in the USA..

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Nunc Loops and Needles are accurate to semiquantitative standards for handling samples, and surface-treated to enhance adhesion of the droplets. There is a reduced risk of spreading microorganisms since the loops are sterile, nontoxic, disposable polystyrene. These are color-coded to make selection of proper size easier.

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Globe Scientific's disposable inoculation loops and needles offer the most convenient and safest way of streaking culture media. Molded from a special medical grade of polystyrene, they offer a strong, rigid feel to provide comfortable, stable and uniform streaking. 

  • Loop Volumes - 1 µL or 10 µL & 1 µL & 10 µL
  • Colors - Blue, Yellow & White
  • Packaging Type - Individually Wrapped, 10 Per Peel Pack & 20 Per Peel Back
  • Material - Polystyrene 
  • Sterile
  • Sold as 500/Case

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Spread cells onto an agar plate easily with the Bacteria Cell Spreader. The spreader is 6.7 (171mm) long with a 1.4 (36mm) spreading bar. Sterilized and packaged individually.

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The Stainless Steel Bacterial Cell Spreader features a smooth triangular end and a straight spreading bar. Stainless steel construction for easy sterilization. Designed for spreading cells onto an agar plate.

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Argos Technologies high impact polystyrene loops are smooth and flexible to facilitate uniform and smooth streaking without damaging the gel surface. Packed sterile in safe, tamper proof, zip-seal resealable bags.

Disposable inoculating loops and needles do not need flaming and thus eliminate the risk of infection due to aerosol formation of pathogenic substances. Cross-contamination due to improper sterilization is eliminated. They can be used under hoods without danger, and are color-coded for ease of size identification.Note: Certificate of Conformity available upon request.

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Copan Diagnostics Calibrated Disposable Inoculating Loops and Needles in TOP SEAL Pack

# M58-296

8" insulated Brass handle

# M58-233

5mm Nichrome loop, 24 gauge, 3", 12/pk

# M58-232

4mm, Nichrome loop, 24 gauge, 3', 12/pk

# M58-230

2mm Nichrome loop, 24 guage, 3" 12/pk

# M58-148

Inoculating Needle 1ul, ind wrap, white, 250/cs

# M58-147

Inoculating Loops, 10 ul, yllw, ind wrap 250/cs

# M58-146

Inoculating Loops, 1 ul, blue, ind wrap, 250/cs

# M58-111

Innoculating Loops, 10UL w/ Needle Blue 25/PK, 500/CS