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Designed specifically for use with suspended culture flasks, Biostir® Heavy-Duty Magnetic Stirrers have a DC motor that provides uniform speeds from 150 to 1200rpm, ideal for getting good results with cell cultures or small fermentations. A powerful alnico magnet increases efficiency, and exact rpm can be set using the easy-to-read LED display for consistency. The motor runs smooth, reducing heat transfer to the medium being stirred.

Several automatic modes of operation are featured to optimize cell growth while freeing the operator to concentrate on results.Constant Speed Mode begins with a soft start, then accelerates to a constant preset speed.Interval Start Mode uses the soft start and stop to turn the stirrer on and off for a preset number of cycles, then runs the stirrer at a constant speed, which may differ from the intermittant stirring speed.Two-Speed Stirring Mode slowly starts the stirrer to a set speed, then holds that speed for a user-defined period, after which the stirrer softly changes to a final constant speed.

Computer control assures that all modes run the same way every time, ensuring consistently reproducible results. The Biostir can be used in a CO2 atmosphere with noncondensing humidity in temperatures to 122°F (50°C). Maximum flask size: 3L. Two-year manufacturer™s warranty. 120VAC. UL listed, CSA approved. Remote control also available.

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Ideal for titration and general laboratory mixing of solutions, the Super-Nuova® Digital Stirrer™s strong magnetic coupling ensures that the stir bar stays locked with the drive magnet, even in viscous solutions. Each unit includes a TFE-coated 3/8¯ diameter x 2¯L (1 x 5.1cm) stir bar to further prevent magnetic decoupling. Regardless of changes in viscosity, the microprocessor feedback control provides constant speed and prevents runaway and magnetic decoupling.

Stirring speeds from 50 to 1200rpm are digitally programmed and displayed on an easy-to-read digital display, and the touch of a button quickly recalls preset stirring speeds, making this unit ideal for labs with multiple users. Operator can use the countdown timer to set precise stirring time. Shortly before stirring is complete, timer alerts operator with an audible beep. When time expires, timer shuts off stirring motor automatically. Chemical-resistant polished white ceramic top enhances visibility of liquids being stirred. Durable die-cast aluminum case protects unit against drips and spills. Integrated ring stand holder that accommodates a 1/2¯-diameter (1.3cm) support rod is included.

Maximum load: 25 lbs (11.3kg)
Stirring surface area: 56 sq. in. (361cm2)
Overall dimensions: 13L x 8-1/4W x 3-5/8¯H (33 x 21 x 9.2cm)
Includes 3-wire detachable cord and plug.
120VAC, 60Hz. CSA approved.

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The Safe-T S10 Stirrer is explosionproof, so it™s safe for use in hazardous situations where Class I, Groups C and D flammable gases or solvent vapors with ignition temperatures above 185°F (85°C) can produce explosive or ignitable mixtures. Electronic stir control adjusts stirring speed from 60 to 1200rpm with ±3rpm precision. Powerful enough to stir viscous oils with a viscosity of 1200 centipoise at 400rpm, at 71°F (21.5°C). Large 10 x 10¯ (25.4 x 25.4cm) ceramic top plate accommodates vessels up to 6L, with maximum load of 25 lbs (11.3kg). Free stir bar included.

Overall dimensions: 11.1W x 7.9H x 12.8¯D (28.3 x 20 x 32.4cm)
Weight: 30 lbs (13.6kg) Electrical: 120VAC (60w)

Note: Unit must be hardwired
plug not included.
Unit comes with built-in 0.5¯ (1.3cm) conduit attachment and
18¯ (45.7cm) lead wire for UL required electrical hookup.

# SP135935Q

SuperNuova multiplace stirring hot plate