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The MyFuge™ Mini centrifuge is a personal centrifuge that virtually fits in the palm of your hand. Ideal for quick spin downs of microtubes and PCR tubes, the MyFuge is extremely easy to use. Simply close the lid and the rotor instantly reaches 6,000 RPM. Open the lid, and the rotor quickly decelerates to a stop for removing samples.

An increased capacity, eight-position microtube rotor is included and comes installed. Also included is a second rotor for 0.2ml PCR tubes and strips which is stored (together with the rotor removal key) in a convenient compartment on the bottom of the centrifuge. When the rotor is not in use, storage in this compartment prevents loss or misplacement of the rotor.

  • Lid Colors - Clear, Red, Purple, Green & Blue
  • Speed - 6,000 RPM / 2,000 xg
  • Dimensions - 5.7" x 6.9" x 4.5"
  • Weight - 2.2 lbs
  • Electrical - Universal Voltage, 100 to 240 V, 50-60 HZ & 250 W
  • Warranty - 2 Years
  • Sold Individually

Multiple Options

Spectrafuge Mini Laboratory Centrifuges

Speed and Accuracy

This personal sized mini centrifuge is ideal for microfiltration and quick spin downs from the walls and caps of microcentrifuge tubes.

Interchangeable and Customizable

Requiring less than six inches of bench space, the Spectrafuge Mini Centrifuge is supplied with rotors and adapters to accommodate 1.5 ml, 0.5 ml and 0.4 ml tubes as well as 0.2 ml strips and individual tubes. The standard and strip tube rotors are easily interchanged. The easy-open, translucent lid utilizes a stainless steel hinge pin for durability. Five different lid colors are available including gray, blue, teal, purple and red. An on/off switch is located on the side of the Spectrafuge Mini Centrifuge for starting and stopping operation. Alternatively, with the switch in the on position, the centrifuge can be started and stopped by closing and opening the lid.

# C2595

The MyFuge™ 5 microcentrifuge includes a four-position rotor for compatibility with a variety of 5mL test tubes, including 5mL conical centrifuge tubes. In addition, this combination rotor has four additional slots for centrifuging standard microtubes (1.5/2.0mL). Simply close the lid and the centrifuge quickly accelerates to the fixed speed of 5500 rpm. Open the lid, and the rotor decelerates to a stop for removing samples.

The 5mL rotor positions accepts 5mL centrifuge tubes directly. 5mL blood & culture tubes (12x75mm) and cryovials are also accepted with the included adapters. The microtube positions are also designed to accept 0.5 and 0.2mL tubes with the use of optional adapters.

  • Speed - 5,500 RPM
  • Capacity - 4 x 5 mL Tubes & 4 x 1.5/2 mL
  • Dimensions - 5.5" x 7.9" x 5.5"
  • Weight - 2.2 lbs
  • Electrical - Universal Voltage, 100-240V, 50-60 Hz & 250W
  • Manufacturer Warranty - 1 Year
  • Sold Individually

# C3100

LC-8 3500 Centrifuge with 8 x 15ml rotor,Max. Speed 3500 rpm, 120V

# C1005

MyFuge™ 5 MicroCentrifuge with combination rotor, 4 x 5ml & 4 x 1.5/2.0ml, 115V

# D2400

Bead Blaster 24 microtube homogenizer

# C90-142

5ml /7ml tube Adapters for 20 x 15 ml Conical Swing-out Rotor

Centrifugal radius: 18.7 cm

# C90-117

StripSpin Adapter for 0.2 ml tubes and strips

# C90-100

Z100A Clinical Lab Centrifuge

Clinical Setting Applications

The economical Z100A, a small lab centrifuge, features a 6 x 15 mL fixed angle rotor. The variable speed unit runs to 4,000 rpm/1,900 x g, suitable for a variety of applications in the clinical setting or research lab. The rotor accepts six 15mL or 10mL tubes directly. Optional adapters accept smaller tubes, including common blood draw tubes.

Strike with No Replacement

The Z100A is equipped with a clear lid for visualizing the rotor. The lid lock cuts power to the centrifuge when the lid is opened. The rugged ABS housing adds durability to the small lab centrifuge and is easy to clean.

# C89-203

MC-12 High Speed Microcentrifuge w/12 place rotor, 115V

# C89-202

Adapters for .2ml tubes for MyFuge 6/pk

# C89-200

Unlike traditional mini centrifuges, the new MyFuge™ 12 eliminates the need to change rotors when switching between microtubes and PCR strips. The included, unique COMBI-Rotor™ is all that is required for running 12 microtubes and/or 4 PCR strips. With a fixed speed that produces 2,000 xg, this centrifuge is perfect for quick spin downs. Simply close the lid and the unit quickly ramps up to 5500 rpm. Open the lid, and the rotor quickly decelerates for removal of samples.

  • Speed - 5,500 RPM / 2,000 xg
  • Capcity - 12 x 1.5/2.0 mL Tubes, 32 x 0.2 mL Tubes & 4 x PCR Strips
  • Dimensions - 5.75" x 8" x 4.25"
  • Weight - 2.2 lbs
  • Electrical - Universal Voltage, 100-240 V, 50-60 HZ & 300W
  • Warranty - 2 Years
  • Sold Individually

# C2000

Microplate Microcentrifuge w/Rotor & Pla te Carriers 115V

# C12-480

StripSpin 12 Mini Centrifuge w/rotor