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BD Becton Dickinson

GasPak® Generator Envelopes

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EZ Container System Sachets are used to generate anaerobic, microaerophilic or CO2 enriched environments. They activate immediately when the outer foil packaging is opened without the need for water or a catalyst. CO2 Generators are for use with enclosures up to 340cc. Individually packaged. Disposable Generator Envelopes are used for the production of either CO2-enriched aerobic atmospheres (CO2 Generator Envelope) or anaerobic atmospheres enriched with CO2 (H2/CO2 Generator Envelope). The Generator Envelope Plus includes an integral Palladium Catalyst. It is used for the production of an anaerobic atmosphere enriched with CO2 and an fresh catalyst. The CampyPak™ is intended for a reduced oxygen (microaerophilic) atmosphere enriched with CO2. The CampyPak Plus includes an integral Palladium Catalyst. The GasPak Plus Envelope Bulk Kit includes 100, H2/CO2 Generator Plus Envelopes and 100 Dry Anaerobic Indicators.
  • Manufacturer BD Becton Dickinson
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