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Excel Scientific

Excel Scientific Plate Sealing Film - 100/Pack

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Seals for PCR or sample storage
Prevents evaporation and contamination

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Help prevent evaporation and contamination

Available in multiple styles to meet your needs. SealPlate® film is for anaerobic work with ELISAs and cell culture. It is a transparent polyester film with a moderate adhesive that allows for easy removal of the film. Use from -40° to 248°F (-40° to 120°C).

ThermalSeal® film is ideal for PCR and high throughput screening. It is a transparent polypropylene film with a strong inert adhesive for long-term storage. Use from -40° to 257°F (-40° to 125°C). RNase and DNase-Free.

ThermalSeal® RT combines a transparent polyester film with a strong, medical-grade adhesive. A plastic liner, which is removed before use, creates extreme optical clarity. Use from -40° to 248°F (-40° to 120°C). RNase and DNase-Free.

AlumaSeal® II film is a 1.5 mil nonpermeable aluminum film backed with a strong medical grade adhesive. This foil film is pierceable for easy sample recovery, and it eliminates the need for heat-sealing devices or mats during thermal cycling. The chemical-resistant film blocks light and provides an excellent moisture barrier. Ideal for PCR. Use from -112° to 248°F (-80° to 120°C). RNase and DNase-Free.

TuffSeal® is a puncture-resistant metalized transport tape for use with sample storage only (not designed for use in a thermal cycler). The light-blocking 2 mil tape eliminates evaporation, cross contamination and leakage. Intended for storage and transport.

EZ-Pierce® Zone-Free double-layer film is also only designed for sample storage and transport. It is constructed of an adhesive-free pierceable polyethylene film bonded to a 96-well die-cut adhesive polypropylene sublayer. It eliminates well-to-well contamination and cross over. The adhesive-free zone above each well prevents adhesive fouling of pipet tips or probes. Ideal for robotics.

UV-Clear® film blocks UV to protect samples from UV light sources. This transparent polypropylene film, ideal for Real-Time/Q-PCR, features a strong and inert adhesive for long-term storage. Use from -40° to 248°F (-40° to 120°C).

  • Packaging 100/Pack
  • Qty/Pk 100/Pack
  • Manufacturer Excel Scientific
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