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Bio Plas Inc

Astral™ Inoculation System


Loops, Needles and Piks are individually sealed
Free of DNA, RNase, DNase, Pyrogens and PCR inhibitors
Easy to use, safe, convenient and economical

Full description

The Astral™ Inoculation System offers convenience, economy, accuracy and the dependable sterility of Astral™ disposable inoculation Loops, Astral™ Streaking Needles and Astral™ Clone-Piks. Loops are calibrated using both the Evans Blue Dye spectrophotometric procedure and the gravimetric method. Loops, Streaking Needles and Clone-Piks are verified to be free of DNA, RNase, DNase, Pyrogens and PCR inhibitors. Each of these products is available 96 to a rack, 10 racks to a case. Each rack has 96 individual tubular chambers. Each chamber receives one of 96 Loops (or Streaking Needles, or Clone-Piks, depending on the product ordered).

After all chambers are filled, they are hermetically sealed with an aluminum sealing film. A dust cover is then heat-shrunk over the entire rack, and the rack is sterilized by irradiation. Packaging is static-free. An autoclavable, reusable Astral™ Handle is included with each case. To withdraw a sterile inoculation product from the rack, use the handle to puncture the aluminum film over the desired chamber. Push the handle into the chamber, where it will lock onto the desired product. The sterile Loop, Streaking Needle or Clone-Pik may then be withdrawn, ready to use. The rest remain unaffected, sealed and sterile, until needed. After use, the product is ejected from the handle and disposed of.

This system eliminates flame sterilization and the hazards of spatter and cross-contamination, and allows the technologist to inoculate prepared plates very quickly. Ideal for the semiquantitative reinoculation of liquid microbial cultures, the direct inoculation of the polymerase chain reaction with plaques or colonies for rapid characterization of DNA’s cloned in viral, bacterial or yeast vectors, and similar applications.
  • Manufacturer Bio Plas Inc
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