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4titude 4ti-0680 TubeMarker™


Dimensions (W x L x H): 270 x 280 x 122 mm
Weight: 4.8 kg
Printing Area Height and Width: 14 - 40m (*Dependent on tube size. Prints to straight part of tubes only)
Text Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
Max. Number of Printing Rows: 8
Power Supply: V in: AC 100-240V; V out: 12V DC
Communication: USB port
No more smudged, illegible writing on tubes!
No more disappearing labelling after each ethanol wash step!
No more fiddling with tiny labels (if names or codes are printed on sticky labels)!
Clean, fuss-free and durable labelling of all common tube formats with the TubeMarker™ offers a solution!

Full description

Designed to directly print text, linear barcodes, 2D codes and graphics on tubes using patent pending Thermal Pixel Printing technology

  • Prints directly on the surface of tubes from 0.5 ml to 15 ml - Labels or stickers are not required
  • Clearer and more durable marking compared to marker pen - Consistently legible text and barcodes at high resolutions
  • Resistant to alcohol, water, liquid nitrogen, DMSO and mechanical abrasion - Long lasting sample identification at competitive “per mark” cost.


The TubeMarker™ allows printing directly onto the surface of plastic laboratory tubes between 8 mm - 25 mm* in diameter.

There is no need for using labels or marker pens. Marking is resistant to ethanol, isopropanol, water, DMSO, liquid nitrogen and mechanical abrasion. The prints are also stable over a wide temperature range (-196°C to 100°C). Markings do not transfer when touching the tubes.

Several lines of text can be printed, for example sample name, sampling site, your name, date, time etc. All TrueType fonts available on the connected computer can be printed with different font types and sizes, determining the maximum printed content. Bold and italic type is also possible.

The instrument also prints linear barcodes, 2D codes and graphic files (monochrome .bmp, .gif, .tiff) such as logos. Print orientation can be vertical or horizontal (except for barcodes which print vertically only).

Printing straight to the tube surface is much easier and faster than marking by hand.

Download 4titude 0680 Specification Sheet

Download 4titude 0680 Instruction Manual

  • Manufacturer Part No 4ti-068
  • Description 4titude 4ti-0680 TubeMarker™
  • Manufacturer 4titude
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