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SoftGUARD® Hand Lotion

• Petroleum-Free
• Mineral Oil-Free
• Fragrance-Free

Compatible with latex, nitrile, vinyl, CHX, and PCMX. Specially formulated to help prevent chapping and skin irritation caused by latex gloves, frequent hand washing and harsh solutions. The protective barrier also helps prevent the occlusion of the skin associated with frequent gloving. Apply before gloving and after each washing. SoftGUARD® is safe to use with both chlorhexidine gluconate- (CHG) and chloroxylenol- (PCMX) based soaps. Studies have shown the residual or persistent antimicrobial efficacy of the soaps are not diminished with the application of SoftGUARD®. Technical literature is available; please contact customer service (ext 200) for more information.
Cat NoDescriptionSizeUOMPrice
G10-110SoftGUARD® Hand Lotion2-oz Bottle with Flip-Top CapEA

G10-120SoftGUARD® Hand Lotion3-oz Tube with Flip-Top CapEA

G10-300SoftGUARD® Hand Lotion16-oz Bottle with PumpEA

G10-416Wall Bracketfor 16-oz BottleEA

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