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SoftCIDE® Hand Soap

• Antimicrobial and extra mild
• Replenishes natural skin oils
• Broad spectrum efficacy

SoftCIDE® soap is specifically designed for healthcare, production and laboratory workers who must wash their hands frequently. Unlike most soaps, you can wash with SoftCIDE® many times a day without it being harsh on your skin. Because SoftCIDE® is so mild, it is much easier to wash as often as you should. SoftCIDE® is a Healthcare Personnel Handwash (HPHW). PCMX (1% concentration) was chosen for SoftCIDE® because it has excellent broad spectrum and fast-acting activity without being irritating to the skin. Conversely, CHG lacks strong antimicrobial activity against some bacteria unless several enhancing ingredients are added to the formula, resulting in a formulation that was much more drying to the skin. For maximum relief of dry, chapped hands, use SoftCIDE® soap in conjunction with SoftGUARD® Barrier Hand Cream. Technical literature is available; please contact customer service (ext. 200) for more information.
Cat NoDescriptionSizeUOMPrice
G10-411SoftCIDE® Hand Soap4-oz Bottle with Flip-Top CapEA

G10-412SoftCIDE® Hand Soap16-oz Bottle with PumpEA

G10-413SoftCIDE® Hand Soap32-oz Bottle with PumpEA

G10-414SoftCIDE® Hand Soap1-gal Refill JugEA

G10-416Wall Bracketfor 16-oz BottleEA

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