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Compact Centrifuge Z230A  

Hermle® Compact Centrifuge Z230A

• Accepts a variety of tube sizes
• Compact in design
• Angle and swing-out rotors available
• Ideal for routine clinical and industrial applications

The Z230A is a space-saving, variable speed centrifuge for sample volumes of 15mL or less. It is ideal for a variety of industrial and clinical applications including sedimentation of urine and blood samples. Four different rotors are available for the Z230A. The most popular is the 12 x 15mL angle rotor. Adapters are available to spin a variety of tube sizes without having to change the rotor. A six-place 5mL swing-out rotor and 24-place 1.5mL angle rotor are also available. Speed is continuously variable to meet a variety of general centrifugation needs. Operation of the centrifuge is controlled by a 60-minute timer. Speed range 500 to 5500rpm; maximum RCF 3310 x g. The Z230A is sturdy and stable, quiet in operation and built to stand up to the rigors of everyday use. Dimensions: 11.2W x 14.5D x 8.8”H (28.4 x 36.8 x 22.3cm), weight: 13.5 lb. (6.12kg).
Cat NoDescriptionUOMPrice
C90-266Angle Rotor, 12 x 15mL (with Shields, Cushions, 5500rpm / 3310 x g)EA$275.00
C90-246Angle Rotor, 24 x 1.5 / 2.0mL (7200rpm / 6028 x g)EA$210.00
C90-150Swing-out Rotor, 6 x 5mL (with Shields, 3500rpm / 1420 x g)EA$400.00

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