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Cell Scraper

• Faceted Joint, can be turned at a variety of angles
• Individually sleeve-packed and radiation sterilized

This Cell Scraper features a faceted joint between the scraper blade and the handle that allows the blade to be turned at a number of different angles. This design feature enables a technician to scrape the inside of a flask in a windshield-wiper motion or in a hoeing motion. Using this Cell Scraper, the technician can also efficiently scrape at odd angles around the inside edges of the flask. The Cell Scraper features a polyethylene blade and polystyrene handle. It is available in two sizes. Both sizes are individually sleeve-packed and radiation sterilized. 250 per case.
Cat NoDescriptionUOMPrice
D36-285Cell Scraper, 23cm Length, 15.5mm BladeCS$702.00
D36-286Cell Scraper, 32cm Length, 17.5mm BladeCS$788.00
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