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Fecal Occult Blood Slide Test System  

Hemoccult® Fecal Occult Blood Slide Test System

• Effective way to detect fecal occult blood
• Results achieved in just 60 seconds
• Supported by over 300 clinical studies

The Hemoccult® test utilizes a guaiac paper slide to quickly, conveniently and qualitatively detect fecal occult blood. The test is recommended for professional use as a diagnostic aid during routine physical examinations, in the monitoring of gastrointestinal bleeding among hospital patients with iron deficiency anemia and those recovering from surgery, in screening programs for colorectal cancer, and in the monitoring of patients with peptic ulcers or ulcerative colitis. Hemoccult® products are recommended by the American Cancer Society as an effective screening method for colorectal cancer.

The test is easy to complete. Once a sample is taken, two drops of the Hemoccult® Developer (5% hydrogen peroxide and 75% denatured ethyl alcohol in aqueous solution) are placed on the slide. Results are known in just 60 seconds, and traces of blue on the edge of the sample indicate the presence of fecal occult blood.

Several variations of the test are available:
The Hemoccult® Single Slide Kit is ideal for single fecal specimens collected during routine in-office gastrointestinal screening. The standard kit comes in a box containing 100 slides, 100 applicator sticks and two 15mL bottles of Hemoccult® developer. (Also available in bulk cases of 1000 slides, 1000 applicator sticks and 20 bottles of developer).

Hemoccult® II Triple Slide Kit is intended for use by patients, who can conveniently collect serial specimens at home over a three-day period. The specimen can be easily returned to the hospital or laboratory for testing using a Hemoccult® Barrier Mailing Pouch. Each box of Triple Slide Kits includes 34 triple slides, 102 applicator sticks and two 15mL bottles of Hemoccult® developer.

The Hemoccult® II Dispensapak™ is designed for convenient at-home use by patients. Each box contains 50 patient screening kits and three 15mL bottles of developer. The screening kits include one triple slide, three applicators, an instruction and diet manual. Each Dispensapak Plus box contains 40 patient screening kits and two 15mL bottles of developer. The kit includes one triple slide, three applicators, three sample collection tissues, one illustrated diet manual and a barrier mailing envelope.
Cat NoDescriptionQty/PkUOMPrice
SK60151Hemoccult® Single Slide Kit100/pk 1000/csPK

SK60152Hemoccult® Single Slide Kit, Bulk1000CS$861.30
SK61200Hemoccult® II Triple Slide Kit1PK

SK61100Hemoccult® II Dispensapak50PK

SK61130Hemoccult® II Dispensapak Plus40PK

SK62115Hemoccult® Developer, 15mL20PK$119.95
SK62200Hemoccult® Barrier Mailing Pouch100PK$56.00
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