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1536-Well Plates  

Nunc™ 1536-Well Plates

• Working volume of 1-10µL per well
• Alphanumeric well identification

The polystyrene Nunc™ 1536-Well Plate is capable of holding a large sample volume. The 96-well footprint is compatible with automated equipment and robotics and designed for ultra high throughput screening. The rounded square well shape provides easy access to contents and reduces well-to-well contamination.

Plates with the MaxiSorp™ surface are designed for ELISA (Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay). MaxiSorp™ has high affinity to molecules with mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic domains, and is recommended for adsorption of various proteins including antibodies. It is certified for binding homogeneity. Untreated plates are designed for colorimetric homogenous assys, while Nunclon® treated plates are designed for cell binding. The polystyrene Well Plate Lid provides an additional level of security when working with a microwell plate.
Cat NoDescriptionSurfaceTypeColorQty/CsUOMPrice
D36-6801536-Well PlatesUntreatedNonsterileClear90CS$918.00
D36-6811536-Well PlatesUntreatedNonsterileWhite90CS$935.00
D36-6821536-Well PlatesUntreatedNonsterileBlack90CS$935.00
D36-692Polystyrene Universal Lids-NonsterileClear100CS$170.00
D36-694Polystyrene Universal Lids-NonsterileClear60CS$98.00
D36-618Polystyrene Universal Lids-NonsterileClear180CS$291.00
D36-695Polystyrene Universal Lids-SterileClear60CS$102.50
D36-696Polystyrene Universal Lids-SterileClear100CS$199.00
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