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ThermoSafe® U-Tek® Reusable Cold Packs

• Keeps temperature-sensitive materials cool during shipping
• Puncture-resistant exterior provides a radiant heat barrier

The nontoxic gel contained in the U-Tek® Phase Change Material Reusable Pack stays cold for long periods of time and provides a 15% longer cooling duration than standard gel packs. Maintains critical temperatures of serums, organs, test samples, pharmaceuticals and live or frozen tissue. The pack is available in three temperature levels.

The -58°F (-50°C) pack must be frozen in dry ice or a -112°F (-80°C) freezer and is intended for applications which require extremely cold temperatures. The -10°F (-23°C) pack protects products which need to be kept frozen (temperature rises 1°F per hour at ambient temperatures) and can be frozen in freezers which cool below -10°F (-23°C). The 30°F (-1°C) pack offers protection for products which require long periods of refrigeration by maintaining refrigeration for up to 48 hours.
Cat NoDescriptionSizeQty/CsUOMPrice
30°F (-1°C) Formula
S10-160U-Tek® Pack8 oz36CS$54.38
S10-161U-Tek® Pack12 oz24CS$22.10
-10°F (-23°C) Formula
S10-163U-Tek® Pack8 oz36CS$48.90
S10-164U-Tek® Pack12 oz24CS$45.74
S10-165U-Tek® Pack24 oz12CS$24.85
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